Home Organization

Overwhelmed by clutter? Do you purchase solutions to get organized but struggle to implement them?

Our Calgary Home Organization empowers you to streamline your space, with benefits that go beyond a tidy surface. You’ll find yourself saving time and money, experiencing greater ease and enjoying more time to do what you love.

Check out our video below to see how Functional Spaces can help! 

Home Organization

Let’s complete an all-encompassing home organization journey customized to your unique lifestyle, with results that transform your day-to-day. We understand that opening your home can feel daunting, so we help you make decisions in comfort; picture a relaxing chair with your favourite music and beverage (yes, it can be that enjoyable!).


How It Works

  1. First, we’ll identify top pain points and desires for your space, set deliberate goals, and develop a collaborative plan you feel confident in.

  2. Next, we’ll begin a thoughtful sorting process, supporting you to keep, donate, recycle or dispose of items with a focus on sustainability. Our specialized guidance creates momentum, but you remain in the decision-making seat; nothing goes without your permission.

  3. We’ll then determine how much space is required for each “category” of remaining items, customize an aesthetically-pleasing storage plan based on your unique space, and bring it to life (with labeling to boot). It gets set in action one room at a time, with a focus on immediate relief.