A Clinic Move

"In the summer of 2016, our clinic suffered significant damage from flash flooding. As a result, our clinic had to move into a temporary space for four weeks while the repair to the damage was completed.

We engaged Melanie’s expertise to coordinate this multi-faceted move. With ease, she efficiently categorized items to move into the temporary space and which would go into storage for the month. With Melanie’s leadership and incredible ability to work the logistics of this complex and quick-turnaround move, our business was only closed for one business day for the move out and one business day on the move back into our space.

Our investment in her had a ten-fold return. She minimized our business’ down-time and alleviated a great deal of stress on us, the business owners, and our staff. Additionally, her professional, kind and warm approach to her work was welcomed and appreciated during such a stressful situation.  We couldn’t have accomplished it without you, Melanie. Thank you!!"

B.H.- Naturopathic Clinic Owner - Calgary, AB

Procedural Review

"Melanie was a great help during a transitional time at our clinic, working with me to revise HR and contract documents as well as being knowledgeable in proper policy and procedures for making staffing decisions.  She is highly professional, organized, and someone person you can count on.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to receive organizational help at home or in the office."

J.P.- Naturopathic Clinic Owner - Calgary, AB

Warehouse Consolidation

“I enlisted the help of Melanie at Functional Spaces for organizing my home and small warehouse prior to and during the time of my move. I was consolidating four locations into two different spaces - home and small warehouse - and needed help to ensure all was done efficiently. I was very overwhelmed at the time, but Melanie asked very good questions and helped me make decisions about what needed to be done while providing a calm presence. The overall experience was excellent. I feel like after the time she spent with me, my office and warehouse were very functional, and my home was also in a state where I could find everything I needed in an intuitive way. I really liked the systems that she put in place, especially in the kitchen, to organize my pantry and drawers. The main help was in the warehouse, which has been functioning perfectly with the system she put in place for 6 weeks and probably will be perfect into the long-term future. I'm a pretty indecisive person, and Melanie is great at gently helping someone like me make the decisions that lead to a less-cluttered, functioning space.”

R.C.- Warehouse Owner - Toronto, ON

Refining Clinic Systems

“It is without reservation that I can recommend Melanie and Functional Spaces. She was able to assess our needs, collaborate with staff as we refined systems.

When we first engaged with Melanie we had just hired a new office manager. Melanie was able to get her up and running in record time. She helped her create and organize the processes that supported her work flow and the rest of the business.

As a small business there are a lot of procedures and practices that we had developed as we grew from our start up. Melanie was able to help us organize those into a procedural manual, and in the process improve efficiency as we organized.

A part of our business is focused on providing service for Minor Vehicle Injuries. Melanie helped us create a linear, simple to execute process to stay on top of all our billings. It was straight forward and has been easy for our current and new staff to utilize.

We have many different people that work and utilize the workspace at the front of the office. Each person had their own unique spin on how to set up and use the space. Melanie observed work and work flow, reorganized the space and trained the staff on efficient use of the space.

We are a small business and have one room that is multipurpose. The room was cluttered and not a relaxing place to sit and or work. Melanie worked with us to get rid of things, organize the remaining items and set the room up in a way that was easy to use and maintain.

I am really happy with the work and assistance that we received in organizing our procedures, space and staff from Functional Spaces and Melanie Higuchi.”

T.H.- Chiropractic Clinic Owner – Calgary, AB

A Project Completed

“I have been over the moon impressed with and grateful for Melanie’s support in helping me simplify and organize my naturopathic business - physically as well as day-to-day operations. She is patient, kind, professional and makes sure the job gets done. 
I have hired other business coaches in the past but the great info they shared never got implemented. I felt overwhelmed and realized I needed someone to help with actual step by step implementation as well. 
Melanie was hands-on in the process of organizing my physical office and making sure the 3, 6 and 9 month client programs I’ve been wanting to offer my clients forever were completed. 
She allowed me to go past the points in the past where I would be frustrated and stop before things were done. 
I would wholeheartedly recommend Melanie and Functional Spaces for whatever project you are ready to actually have done and look forward to enlisting her services to help other creative dreams I have come to life. Thanks Melanie!”

M.H.-Naturopathic Doctor-Canmore, AB