The "weight" has been lifted

“Being more organized has not only allowed me to find the things I need, when I need them, it also allows family members to be more independent, by not requiring me to get things for them.  They also know where things need to go to be put away.  

With the kids (and my spouse), taking responsibility for their own belongings, that has freed me up to better organize my time, completing tasks such as budgeting, paper management, and miscellaneous tasks that require weekly action and monthly action.

The overwhelming benefit for me to being more organized is, when I think of my to-do list, or if something needs to be added that list, I no longer feel a giant weight on my shoulders, or knots in my stomach, or dread for not being able to withstand one more thing.

Finally, I don’t think I could have managed the task of organizing my life without the help of a professional.    Thank you Melanie!”

 E.V.-Calgary, AB