Newly found space in a master closet

 “I would have said before getting help from Melanie, that I’m a pretty organized person. Looking at my closet, it seemed quite organized to me—clothes color coded, bags in bins, extra dresser to store workout stuff, etc, shoes in bins; however I knew I needed to pare things down a bit. I just never knew after going through the process with Melanie, how transforming it would be. The help I received from Melanie was amazing. When asking her what things to keep or donate, she was so honest, practical and real. The biggest thing was seeing everything on the hangers and how much variety of clothes still remained, once we purged. I also found some great pieces I forgot I even had. I feel like I will wear more of my clothes now! Melanie has a natural gift of organizing. Some examples would be from her showing me how some of my organizing bin choices made the space actually look more cluttered, to her noticing one of the lights was burnt out, to placing different things in other ways to make things make more accessible and visually better. She even brought a mirror into the space and it created much more light and felt more spacious in the narrow closet that exists. Melanie helped me organize and pare down things to four bags of donations and six bins of potential sell or donate-able items. How it all fit in my closet before baffles me!!! What a cleansing experience! My closet now seems fresh, organized, inviting and so practical! Thanks, Melanie!”

 H.D. - Calgary, AB