The "weight" has been lifted

“Being more organized has not only allowed me to find the things I need, when I need them, it also allows family members to be more independent, by not requiring me to get things for them.  They also know where things need to go to be put away.  

With the kids (and my spouse), taking responsibility for their own belongings, that has freed me up to better organize my time, completing tasks such as budgeting, paper management, and miscellaneous tasks that require weekly action and monthly action.

The overwhelming benefit for me to being more organized is, when I think of my to-do list, or if something needs to be added that list, I no longer feel a giant weight on my shoulders, or knots in my stomach, or dread for not being able to withstand one more thing.

Finally, I don’t think I could have managed the task of organizing my life without the help of a professional.    Thank you Melanie!”

 E.V.-Calgary, AB

In awe of a master closet

 “After seeing what Melanie could do to transform my daughter’s closet I decided to hire her as well. We live in a condo and our space is limited. I was not disappointed. My master closet as well as my front hall closet are now miraculously organized. I love them and find all the spaces very easy to maintain.”

C.O.-Calgary, AB

Regaining your independance

“Before I met Melanie, my home was a mess and I was overwhelmed.  I kept thinking that I needed to figure out how to store more.  Instead Melanie showed me how to keep less.

Also, having developed a disability after moving into my current residence, nothing had been planned to be barrier free. Melanie rearranged and revamped everything so that things I need regularly I can reach easily and the 'odd use' items are stored in the less accessible spots.

Now, not only is my place beautifully organized, but it is tailored to my needs and arranged so that I can sustain it.  I am no longer overwhelmed, but able to sit back and enjoy my lovely home.”

 C.H.-Calgary, AB

No longer a "pantry of shame"

Pantry Transformation

I had tried to organize my pantry many times but, with a family of four using it daily, it never stayed that way for long. Melanie turned my pantry of shame into a welcoming organized space. Not only did she make it presentable, she made it functional and logical in a way that makes it easy to keep organized. I can stop buying spices 3x over thinking I don't have them in my pantry. If I can't find them, I know they're not there! I will be bringing her back for my walk-in closet.”

M.P.-Calgary, AB

Newly found space in a master closet

 “I would have said before getting help from Melanie, that I’m a pretty organized person. Looking at my closet, it seemed quite organized to me—clothes color coded, bags in bins, extra dresser to store workout stuff, etc, shoes in bins; however I knew I needed to pare things down a bit. I just never knew after going through the process with Melanie, how transforming it would be. The help I received from Melanie was amazing. When asking her what things to keep or donate, she was so honest, practical and real. The biggest thing was seeing everything on the hangers and how much variety of clothes still remained, once we purged. I also found some great pieces I forgot I even had. I feel like I will wear more of my clothes now! Melanie has a natural gift of organizing. Some examples would be from her showing me how some of my organizing bin choices made the space actually look more cluttered, to her noticing one of the lights was burnt out, to placing different things in other ways to make things make more accessible and visually better. She even brought a mirror into the space and it created much more light and felt more spacious in the narrow closet that exists. Melanie helped me organize and pare down things to four bags of donations and six bins of potential sell or donate-able items. How it all fit in my closet before baffles me!!! What a cleansing experience! My closet now seems fresh, organized, inviting and so practical! Thanks, Melanie!”

 H.D. - Calgary, AB

Reclaiming an office

 “Melanie is awesome! I enlisted her services to help organize my office space which was extremely cluttered and disorganized. After a couple hours the room was transformed - With Melanie's help I was able to de-clutter and let go of many items that had been piling up for years! Melanie is efficient, pleasant to work with and truly wants to make the experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make their space more functional!”

F.M.-Calgary, AB

Kitchen Tweaks

“Melanie helped organize our family kitchen recently and I was both very impressed and pleased with the results. From our first meeting and consultation, Melanie listened to my current frustrations about the space and my hopes and goals for the kitchen. Our kitchen was transformed into a calming and organized space that allows us to be a busy young family and cook and spend time together without feeling overwhelmed by stuff and looking for things we need. My time cooking is more enjoyable because things are right where they make sense for me and my two boys. My favourites are the salad prep area and the morning coffee corners!”

N.W.-Vancouver, BC